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Clean-up Month: What is it?

Clean-up month is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Environment under the patronage of the President of the Government and with the support of Tunisian ministries as well as regional and local authorities and employers' organizations within a spirit of strong mobilization of citizens, NGOs and companies, in order to invite and encourage them to take part in targeted actions of cleaning up their cities and towns steering all regions of the territory.

The purpose behind such initiative is to spread an environment-friendly culture, while contributing in a playful manner and on a voluntary basis to a clean and aesthetics cities, landscapes and ecosystems of the country.

Clean-up Month: When?

14, 21, 28 August and 4 September 2022.

Clean-up Month: For Whom?

The opportunity is open to the community as a whole, namely citizens, associations, national institutions and foreigners living in Tunisia, as long as they enroll using an ID document on the platform: https://www.cleanup-month.tn/ .

The Plateform offers secure access via smartphones and computers and provides complete details on the « Clean-up Month »’s initiative.

It enables to monitor the output of the initiative and its assessment.

The Platform provides information relating to priority intervention areas as identified by the regional and local authorities, waste collecting centers and responsibles thereto.

Clean-up Month: How to participate?

Participation is open to natural and legal persons (companies, associations, etc.).

It is possible to form a team of ten (10) members and select the site amongst the priority intervention areas identified by the regional and local authorities.

Teams are also free to proceed with their own selection and identify the site they deem more appropriate to their intervention.

The latest option is competitive and aims to encourage emulation between the different teams.

Clean-up Month: Assessing the results

The top three teams shall receive symbolic awards on September 10, 2022 on the basis of objective criteria (total weight, before/after photos of the sites, waste sorting). The jury shall be be composed on September 4, 2022 and shall include representatives of the public, private and associative sectors.

Clean-up Month: Logistic aspects

Stemming from the will to ensure the success of this event, the Ministry of Environment, under the patronage of the President of the Government and with the support of Tunisian ministries as well as their regional services, in close collaboration with the governorates and municipalities, shall provide the necessary logistics to the different collection sites, including reusable collection bags, gloves, caps and weighing equipment. A specialized staff is dedicated to weighing operations and recording the quantities and characteristics of the collected waste.

Clean-up Month: What’s Up?

The selected timing devoted to the "Clean-up Month" initiative, i.e. four (4) successive weekends ranging from August 14th to September 4th, coïncides with the second part of school holidays purporting the operation shall continue at the back-to-school period with a focus on friendly-environment education activities in schools, as well as regular actions throughout the country.

Findings and lessons emerging from the Clean-up Month initiative shall be used to regularly duplicate the operation in accordance with the following slogans: 

  • Let's all be responsible and active for the cleaning and protection of our cities and our ecosystems not only for us but also for the upcoming generations.
  • Let’s improve our environment and contribute to a sustainable development.

Expected objectives

  • High participation of citizens, NGOs, companies and residents in our country
  • High rate of registration in the platform, corroborated with photos
  • Strengthening a lasting environmental awareness, citizenship and social responsibility
  • Improving the appreciation and satisfaction of our cities’ cleanliness 

Questions & suggestions

Any requests of clarification and suggestions shall be addressed via messages, facebook, email, correspondence or directly to the Ministry of Environment and its regional representations or to the competent regional or local authorities.

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